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The street lighting invoice represents one of the larger expenses in public budgets which means that this reduction is important and urgent.
Since 1995, IrRADIARE has been active in the management of integrated programs aiming at energy performance and efficiency along with invoice reduction and optimisation.

Greater accessibility to energy efficiency solutions is a priority from the point of view of the reduction of operational costs but also from the point of view of the public policy on energy sustainability.

Aiming at the improvement the energy efficiency, there will be a set of proposed solutions which target the reduction of electric energy consumption with the simultaneous contribution for a better management and monitoring of street lighting, also ensuring savings at the operation and maintenance level.

The ePL program includes the establishment of a protocol that aims at determining the common parameters in the establishment of the projects to reduce the energy invoice.

The cooperation is obtained through projects organized, planned and financed according to concrete specifications of each intervention and with the specifications and agreements established for each intervention.

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